Tuesday, May 6, 2008

On the Road Again

No pictures for this post, but I had to mention that I got a good ride in today, 21+ miles, and it was beautiful outside. I went up through Snow Canyon State Park and made the circuit back down Hwy 18 and home. That is the first time I've gone up the canyon in over 2 years so I was pretty satisfied with myself for accomplishing that.

We're off to Tremonton, Utah, tomorrow for the next stop on the tour and we will leave for Australia on May 13th and should be back on the 25th if all goes well.

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Julie said...

Hi Dad and Cindy,
Thanks for coming to see us. We had a great time!
Thought I'd let you know stewart little is no more
Our pest control guy came yesterday and put out some sticky traps. Late last night I heard a noise from the refrigerator and then a sticky sound. Yep, he was stuck alright. Mark got up and bagged him. He is now in the deep dark depths of the black stinky can.
Be safe- hope your enjoying your travels.
love ya