Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Arizona Trip

We drove to Gilbert, Arizona, on Thursday and spent an extended weekend with Nan and Julie and Mark and the boys. It was a fun and somewhat relaxing visit, as relaxing as can be with 4 grandsons. Friday we attended a patriotic themed school program that Bryce and Spencer participated in and I was impressed with the whole show. Very well done by all involved. Then it was off to a basketball game to watch Justin and Isaac play. Both are very good young players and we were impressed. It was great to finally be able to attend some of the grand children's activities.

We ate breakfast/brunch Saturday at a converted farm with restaurants. Good food and a fun time because we met a guy with an English bulldog that did tricks and Nannie fell in love with the dog.

Julie prepared baked halibut and mahi mahi for dinner with a crust that included parmesan cheese and boy was it good. That is a recipe we need to get.

We managed to stop and see Nan's digs where she works in downtown Phoenix on the way out Monday. Very impressive and she had done a great job with the interior decorating. Our renaissance daughter, a paralegal/interior designer.

Cindy, Nan, Dad

Nannie, Mark, Isaac, Bryce (front), Spencer, Julie, Justin, Grandpa

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