Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Retirement Party Pictures

Going for the goodies - sorry, a rookie is posting pictures for the first time out of order.

Jim, presenting Cindy with flowers and myself with some retirement gifts - an RJ model, a GPS for the mission, and Eric Mitchell gave me an iPod Classic with two $25 gift certificates from the team. Sweet! Jim also gave me a scrapbook and I opened it and looked at the first 2 pages and then quickly shut it as the emotions were coming on fast and hard. It was close, but I kept my composure barely.

Over 100+ application projects were listed on the board, all completed during my time at SkyWest.

Some of the Applications Development team members. Typing this is bringing back the emotion of not being there any more. Bummer.

With my sweetheart companion!!

Brock, Emily, and Taylee drove down Thursday night to surprise me and were there at the retirement party. I was surprised and Cindy had to go around and unlock the doors and turn the outside lights back on after I went to bed because I was messing up their plans by locking up and turning the lights out.

Who's got the full stomach? Not mine this time.

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