Monday, April 14, 2008

First real retirement day

Monday and the first real day of retirement. Cindy thought it was great, someone to go to lunch with, a companion for running around, her handyman immediately available to replace a kitchen light that burned out this morning, and I'll have to admit, I really enjoyed it to. I went out on my bike again on an absolutely perfect morning, sunny, no wind, upper 70's, couldn't get any better.

While Cindy and I were at lunch today, we saw Tyler Butterfus from SkyWest and it was enjoyable knowing he was heading back to work and we could sit as long as we wanted to and linger over lunch. I think I'll take tomorrow off too.

One thing about being retired, I'm home to enjoy some of the events of nature that go on around the house during the day. For those that followed the saga of the humingbirds last spring, the momma bird is back and sitting the nest again. She is a fierce defender of her turf and going out the front door, if you linger too long on the porch, she will get after you. Arnold Swartzalizard is back and still doing push ups on the top of the back wall, and we have a new addition this year in a pair of mourning doves that are building a nest in a tree in a back yard corner. But do not mistake this writing as any indication that I am going to sit around and become a bird watcher. What I do have though is an assignment to get a bird feeder put together quickly.

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