Friday, June 20, 2008

Retired does not mean not busy ...

Vance and Angie and Katie and Eliza came to St George for a wedding and stayed with us over the May 30th weekend . Eliza and her Aunt Cindy collaborated on a fancy dinner for us in Eliza's Italian Restaurante. Vance, Eliza our hostess, Angie, Katie, and Uncle Duane in a candlelight setting.

The lasagna was terrific and our hostess, Eliza, was outstanding.

Two days latter, Cindy headed north for a bridal shower, but not before finishing the "booful" dress Taylee is shown wearing. Taylee has a DVD of Sleeping Beauty and loved the dress Sleeping Beauty wore. Cindy found a pattern for the dress and you can see the results of a very talented Nannie's work on our "booful" Taylee.

Cindy flew back the following Tuesday morning and JB arrived that night. He went on to Las Vegas Wednesday to apply for open positions in the police department there, but it did not work out. He said there were over 700 applicants and he could not afford to stay long enough to complete the process so returned to St George Wednesday afternoon.

The same day, Wednesday, a good friend from my First Security days arrived in St George for a family reunion. Cindy and I enjoyed lunch with Richard and Debbie Carlisle and then I really enjoyed retirement by joining with Richard and two of his sons, David and Curt, for 18 holes of golf at Sky Mountain in Hurricane on Thursday morning and again for 9 holes at Red Hills near home on Friday morning. I was impressed with the Sky Mountain course and my golfing companions could not have been better.

Richard and Duane on the 1st tee at Sky Mountain.

David lining up a long put with Curt and Duane watching at Red Hills.

Saturday, June 14th, we drove north again to spend Father's Day weekend with Cindy's parents and to do some shopping for our mission. We stopped at Mr Mac's in the University Mall on the way and had my suit picked out and purchased in less than 45 minutes. That evening, Cindy's mother had everyone over for a family dinner because Sunday was not going to work for some of them. It was a fun time. Sunday was church and phone calls with Father's Day greetings exchanged with my children. We had tried to contact Jared on the way up with no luck, but found out Sunday that Dixie and the children had gone to Montana to spend Father's Day weekend with their dad.

Cindy, her mother, and Emily had a great time shopping. Monday evening we went up American Fork canyon with Ryan and his family, JB, and Cindy's mom and dad for a family picnic. Ryan brought horse shoes and stakes and we found a place to set up. Good food and lots of fun, especially watching Cindy and her mother throw horse shoes. How do you spell "in coming" in terms of take cover? But as much as we laughed at their style, they can claim to have as many ringers as JB and Duane.

Our granddaughter's Kayla and Korey had some fun trying on old dresses that Nannie Great had.

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Anonymous said...

I love the "booful" dress - what a nice grandma she has!! The golf course was so pretty too! Sounds like a great trip! - Love ya, Nan